"Geotechnical Investigation (Onshore & Offshore)"

Geotechnical Investigation (Onshore & Offshore)

Geotechnical investigation is a process of soil / rock sampling and testing to determine the stratification and engineering properties of the site underlyingfor designing purposes. The principal of interest will be the strength, deformation and hydraulics characteristics. Generally, these informations shall provide recommendations for foundation,settlement, groundwater issues, permeability, slope stability, retaining wall, dewatering, and any other potential problems. Investigation of the underground conditions at a site is prerequisite in almost any construction structures such as buildings, bridges, roads, dams, power plants, tunnels, ports, pipelines, and many others.

The importance of this investigation is beyond technical requirement; as such a proper planned investigation will lead to economical design of substructure elements.

Our geotechnical investigation services consist of :

  • Borehole (hand bore, coring, washbore, percussion and auger systems) to take soil /rock samples both undisturbed and disturb samples.
  • Insitu testing of: standardpenetration test (SPT), field vane shear test (FVST), permeability test, packer test, penetrometer and point load test.
  • Standard penetration test analyzer with instrumented rod.
  • Groundwater level monitoring and sampling.
  • Test pit (TP)
  • Cone penetration test (CPT) both with mechanical and electrical cones (CPTu / piezocone with dissipation test).
  • Plate bearing test (PBT)
  • Pressurement test (PMT)
  • Dilatometer test (DMT)
  • Pumping test (long term method)

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