"Foundation Testing"

Foundation Testing

Pile testing is necessary for any foundation construction to ensure the quality of the installed piles and to proof the designer’s estimate of pile capacity and settlement meet the requirements. Our services provide three types of pile testing :

a) Pile driving analyzer (PDA)

The PDA test is a highstrain dynamic load test method (non destructive) to assess the capacity and qualityof pile, and also driving stresses and hammer energy when monitoring installation. The test measures the velocity and force signals obtained from accelerometers and strain transducers attached to the pile during hammering, then using CAPWAP software to calculate the pile capacity and shaft integrity.

b) Pile integrity test (PIT)

The PIT is a low stain dynamic load test method or also known low strain impact integrity test (non destructive), used for assessing the integrity of piles or shafts. It consists of attaching one or two accelerometers to the pile and using hand held hammer for impact. The collected acceleration data and displays curves may reveal the cross section condition along the shaft.

c) Pile static loading test (SLT)

The most realiable method to check a pile capacity is to actually load test it. The test is simply conducted by replicating the designed actual load to the pile and analyze its performance. Our services consist of three types :

  1. Axial compression load test with both kentledgeand reaction pile method.
  2. Axial tension test with reaction pile method.
  3. Lateral load test with both suspension and reaction pile method.

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